Victims and Witnesses

The State’s Attorney’s Office for Allegany County is committed to assisting and supporting the victims and witnesses of crime. There are resources offering helpful information and useful services to victims. Some resources provide guidance to victims and witnesses throughout the criminal justice process in order to ensure that they are aware of their rights and the resources available to them.

The State’s Attorney’s Office for Allegany County has no tolerance for attempts to intimidate victims, witnesses, or officers of the court. If you have been threatened, intimidated, or influenced regarding a case, you should immediately contact the law enforcement agency that investigated the case, or the Assistant State’s Attorney handling your case.

In an emergency situation, call 911. Do so as soon as possible so that the threats can be documented and appropriate action taken.

Contact Information

Diane Potts, Victim Witness Unit Coordinator
Allegany County State’s Attorney’s Office

Phone: (301) 777-5962
Available Services: The office is closed. Victims can call the office and leave a message for Diane Potts, and the call will be returned.

Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center (MCVRC)

Main Office Phone: (301) 952-0063 or (877) 842-8461
Western Region – Garrett, Allegany, Washington: (240) 335-4013
Available Services: Provides with information, assistance, and support throughout case proceedings.